Preorder Transformers Siege Deluxes Now At Amazon

Several Deluxe assortment Transformers from the soon-to-be-released Siege line now have product pages on Amazon for US customers. These go beyond wave 1, and quite possibly even beyond wave 2, though we have very little information on what’s even to be part of the second wave right now. If you’d like to preorder these for yourself, keep reading for product links to each of the new toys.

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Red Alert

My best guess on these is that Brunt and Reflector(/Refraktor. Whatever) will be part of wave 2 with Ironhide and Chromia that we saw at SDCC. Red Alert might be as well, based on wave 2 of Power of The Primes having 5 different toys, but I’d more hope for Red Alert to get pushed off to wave 3. That would allow a case assortment like this:

  • Reflector (3x)
  • Brunt (2x)
  • Ironhide (2x)
  • Chromia (1x)

So with that in mind we’d be looking at Red Alert and probably the fan-vote winners Mirage and Impactor to be part of wave 3, with a good chance that Barricade is that assortment’s fourth toy. Of course this means some of these preorders may take until Spring or thereabouts next year to be filled. But not having so much worry about hunting and sourcing new toys that far ahead is kind of comforting in a way, isn’t it?