Mega Micro Gallery: Specialist “Outrider”

I do actually like things other than Transformers! One of the indulgences I allow myself on a semi-regular basis are the micro action figures from Mega Construx. I actually have quite a lot of them. Some are of course from building sets, but many are individual purchases. The “Heroes” series in particular can be great impulse-purchase fodder with the Call of Duty lineup in particular giving some interesting choices.Specialist “Outrider” caught my attention for two main reasons. First was the stunningly detailed compound bow that serves as the major accessory. Someone put a lot of time and pains in getting this to look authentic, and I’m impressed! The other reason was that this is one of the infrequent uses of a female figure body among the Mega Construx offerings. There are some other lines that are specifically geared towards girls that have predominantly female micro figures, but those are also not really compatible with the rest of the product lines. So Outrider stands out as a bit special in that way.

This is also some experimental content, seeing if I can express what I want in a short gallery that takes under an hour from prep to upload. If I feel like this format works, it’ll make it easier to increase the content output – at least until I run out of things like these mini-figures. Click below to check out the mini-shoot. And then head over to the Patreon page where you can get early access to two more Mega Construx Micro Figure galleries for just a couple dollars per month!

Specialist Outrider | Mega Micro Gallery