Amazon’s Cyber Monday Transformers (And Some Other Stuff) Deals

Black Friday was disappointing, but Amazon US has some good deals for Cyber Monday on Transformers and a few others too!

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I won’t do an exhaustive list of Transformers on sale today since there’s also a lot of Rescue Bots and a bit of Cyberverse, but if you do want to see a seemingly full offering in Transformers, click here to go to a targeted search.

The big deals are two of the Amazon exclusive multi-packs from Siege: The Autobot Alphastrike Counterforce which is notable for having G2 Sideswipe, and the Fan Vote Three Pack with the third Powerdasher, plus the IDW-headed Impactor and the Mirage nobody loves. Greenlight is also on sale today, in case you never got around to picking one of those up. By the way, if you’re running an adblocker, consider whitelisting this site. I don’t serve any ads or other garbage except for Amazon product listing placements, which you probably won’t be able to see with Adblock or uBlock origin running.

There’s solid deals on a few Deluxes too, running about $11 each including Sixgun, Skytread, Mirage, and Impactor.

I don’t really pay a lot of attention to Power Rangers merchandise in general and I might not have ever even mentioned it here before. But there’s one pretty good deal today for Beast Morphers on Amazon. The exclusive Beast-X Ultrazord set is down to $99.99 and includes the five transforming/combining zord toys that seem to actually be pretty hard to find in the US in their individual releases. It’s at least $150 worth of toys that you probably can’t find in stores normally anyway.

Sadly nothing on the Mega Construx side has a Cyber Monday discount. But Castle Grayskull is reduced quite a bit from its list price anyway, and there’s a few other reductions on kits you might be interested in if they were just not full price.