Welcome to Photober 2020!

I’ve sadly had that title in my head for like two years already.

What is Photober, you might ask? Thanks to favorable(?) wordplay, I’ve decided to use the month of October to challenge myself to post a new gallery of content every single day. An October of photos: Photober.

Look, I’ve never been good at naming things; leave me alone.

This is genuinely something that’s been scratching at the inside of my head ever since I started the website, but for one reason or another I couldn’t really try to make happen. But this year I decided it would be different and I was going to get it done! So here’s an outline of what to expect for the next month:

Monday through Saturday will be galleries shot specifically for this daily feature. These will be smaller galleries than what I usually aim for; given that a full size gallery typically takes me a few days minimum to shoot and produce, I’d have had to start on this about four months ago to have the content done in time. The daily galleries will cover a range of subjects, not just the Transformers that have become my standard go-to. So I hope those of you who follow my work will stick around for that and give the varied content a chance!

Sundays will be the public debut of regular content galleries that have previously been Patreon-exclusive. I guess it’s cheating a little bit, but it helps me get through the month while still bringing my patrons new content.

The first gallery will be going up shortly, and a new installment will follow each day. I hope you’ll come back to see what’s new for all 31 days!

And, if you like the content and feel moved to help support what I’m doing, please consider becoming a patron for early access to regular galleries and to get a shout out credit on every new gallery that gets posted. There’s still plenty of time to get your name on a bunch of posts this month alone!