Sony A6400: The Camera No Photographer Asked For

I need to remember that this is supposed to sort of be a photography blog too besides being a place for my photos or whatever else I do.

So, Sony announced a new camera a couple days ago! But not within a range where any photographers were probably really asking for new choices. The new camera coming Soon is the Sony A6400, the latest in series behind the A6300 and A6500. It’s okay; to Sony, numbers do work this way. But you know, it took almost no time to see that I didn’t need this camera. You don’t need this camera either. I don’t think anyone whose primarily interest is photography needs this new camera. Because for photographers, its existence is virtually pointless. Read More

GALLERY: Transformers Generations: Siege – Voyager Megatron (with review!)

It’s a delight to be able to bring you perhaps the very first in-hand photo gallery of the new Voyager Megatron from Transformers Siege! Previously the closest contact anyone has had was the select few invited to events like SDCC and New York Comic Con where the toys could be viewed in person on display, but with this assortment starting to make its way to retail in the United States, we can go for a much more involved examination of the toy. There’s 88 photos waiting for you in the gallery… Read More

Preorder Transformers Siege Deluxes Now At Amazon

Several Deluxe assortment Transformers from the soon-to-be-released Siege line now have product pages on Amazon for US customers. These go beyond wave 1, and quite possibly even beyond wave 2, though we have very little information on what’s even to be part of the second wave right now. If you’d like to preorder these for yourself, keep reading for product links to each of the new toys. Read More