New Patreon Tier: Your Name Here

I’ve added a new support tier to the site’s Patreon page, wherein I finally decide to try a model of giving back some benefit to becoming a sponsor of my work. Understandably, it can be a bit difficult to conceptualize manageable rewards for something like digital photography and blogging. This should be an okay start.

[Insert Name] is the new patron level, at $5 per month. For your monthly contribution, you’ll get early access to many new galleries on the site before they’re publicly posted. Even so, a few galleries like super brand-new stuff or possibly other special categories will still go up for everyone to see at the same time, plus small previews will be published coinciding with the patron access, to help motivate more Patreon backers to join up.

But that’s just one part of the new tier. The $5 level also introduces a credits screen. [Insert Name] patrons can have their name (or worksafe display name of choice) added to a title image that will lead off each new gallery, acknowledging their contribution toward making new content possible in a prominent place where everyone can see it. The credited title image will look something like this:

(subject to change. maybe)

Okay, look, I never claimed to be good at graphic design. I just like making things that are orange. And you can’t tell me I didn’t succeed at that! Anyway, this design might get tweaked, but in the meantime it’ll do its job just fine.

If you’d like to support the work I do and help me do more of it, click here and join my Patreon page. Even if it’s not at the $5 level, I’m super grateful for anyone and everyone that wants to pitch in, and truly every contribution matters! The Patreon revenue we’ve generated together so far will be going toward the cost of hosting and domain renewal coming up right around the corner. So believe me when I say that your support makes all this possible, because it’s literally keeping the lights turned on even now. Thank you all so much!