Preorder Transformers Siege Sixgun Right Now on Amazon

As I recently outlined with my gallery and review of Sixgun, it’s a fantastic addition to the Weaponizer play pattern that can get a ton of mileage especially when used together with Cog. Amazon has Deluxe wave 2 set for an in-stock date of April 1st, and while right now most of the wave is only being offered from marketplace sellers at higher prices, keep reading to find out how you can preorder Sixgun right now for SRP!

Abridged version: Click here to preorder Sixgun using the wishlist trick. Keep reading for more details on how “the wishlist trick” works…


Amazon curiously does not have Sixgun’s product page active at the moment, even though the other toys from the wave are. This is a bit of a difficulty, but it’s also a bit to our benefit since it makes it take longer for the direct-from-Amazon stock to be depleted. We can preorder using the wishlist trick. Be signed in on your Amazon account, and click this link. This takes you to a page where you can add items to your default wishlist even if you can’t directly access their product pages, as long as you have the ASIN for the item in question. It’s going to say “Currently Unavailable” and ask you to confirm your action. Just hit continue, and then go to your default wishlist – or your only wishlist if you don’t have multiple lists set up.

From there it’s just as simple as finding Sixgun on your wishlist, and making sure to confirm that it’s displaying the desired price (remember, standard retail for Siege Deluxes is $19.99) and clicking preorder. From there it’s as simple as your normal preorder process, and on or about April 1, your payment method should be charged and you’ll get notified your excellent second Weaponizer is on its way!