GALLERY: Transformers Siege Refraktor (Reflector)

Reflector is something that has been a struggle to get a real updating of for as long as Transformers Generations, or “Classics”, has been a thing. Previously the only modern toy made with the intent of being Reflector was a small accessory piece included with the Legends class Shrapnel, released something like 5 years ago now. There was the Botcon 2016 option too, retooled a bit from Legends Shockwave, but it still wasn’t quite there. But now, with Siege, Reflector is finally getting a proper, long overdue update. The only catch is you have to be able to buy three of it. Read More

GALLERY: Transformers Siege Sixgun – With Review!

I was skeptical about the Weaponizer component of Transformers Siege initially, based mainly on how Cog clearly could not transform to its very basic vehicle mode without parts removal and replacement. But in hand, the play pattern is so strong that it overrides basically everything else. I didn’t care if I had to take it apart to transform it, because I wanted to always be taking it apart to equip on other figures in as absurd a manner as I could manage. Sixgun, from wave 2, upholds this core strength of the play mechanic. Read More

PREVIEW GALLERY: Studio Series 38 Optimus Prime

It’s the Bumblebee Movie Optimus Prime everyone is all abuzz about! And I’ve got it in hand here in the studio! While it may not be perfect, it’s still pretty great. And most importantly to me, it still works just as well in person to fit in as a Neo-Classics Optimus Prime if that’s more your speed than a movie toy. Keep reading to head to the gallery, and look forward to more photos of this coming soon! Read More

Mega Micro Gallery: Specialist “Outrider”

I do actually like things other than Transformers! One of the indulgences I allow myself on a semi-regular basis are the micro action figures from Mega Construx. I actually have quite a lot of them. Some are of course from building sets, but many are individual purchases. The “Heroes” series in particular can be great impulse-purchase fodder with the Call of Duty lineup in particular giving some interesting choices. Read More

GALLERY: Transformers Generations: Siege – Voyager Megatron (with review!)

It’s a delight to be able to bring you perhaps the very first in-hand photo gallery of the new Voyager Megatron from Transformers Siege! Previously the closest contact anyone has had was the select few invited to events like SDCC and New York Comic Con where the toys could be viewed in person on display, but with this assortment starting to make its way to retail in the United States, we can go for a much more involved examination of the toy. There’s 88 photos waiting for you in the gallery… Read More